What does it cost to post events

What is an event

What if I don’t have an event but wish to place an advertisement

I want to have more pictures on my event

How can I add video to my event

Now paste the copied video link inside your Event description.

What is Event Tag

How we promote your event

Who can post an event

How to register an event

Can I add picture to my post

Can I add my Event to several Categories


Can’t Find the correct Category

I can’t find correct tag keyword for my event

It is free to post event on this site

We describe an Event as any activity that goes over a period of time. In other words, activity that has a start and end date.

Please contact us, if you are interested in placing an ad. ads@detteskjeribergen.no

Please send your pictures to us for upload to your event. We charge a small fee for the job. 1 – 4 images = kr 300. 5 -10 images = kr 550. Pictures must be ready for upload. Click on Login / Register – On the drop down menu, choose Upload Picture .

Copy your video link from eg. Youtube.  Place it inside the text editor (Event description).  See guide.  Once the event is published, the video will be displayed in your event.




Click on “share” on your desired video in youtube

Copy the link from the pop up

Now paste the copied video link inside your Event description.

Event Tag is a searchable keywords. Users can search events by Tags.

Please send us your Tag suggestion and we will evaluate it. tips@detteskjeribergen.no

Where can I find my previous Events

Events are sent out to our users through our Bergen app “Dette Skjer I Bergen” and “Bergen City Link.” Both are in App store and Google play.

Both private and business that has an event. Product sales, services, activities, courses and so on.

Log in. Move cusor, over Login/Register. Choose  – Register Event, from roll down menu

Yes you can add one picture to your event.

Yes. Choose a category. Place cusor beside the first category. Choose a second category

If you are unable to find a suitable category for your event, please send us a mail with your Category suggestion. tips@detteskjeribergen.no 

To view your previous events: Log in – Click on, “Register Event.” You will find the link on the top right of the page.

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